Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Baby it's cold outside

It's cold and freezing and did i mention cold? The weather here can't seem to make up its mind, snow,rain,hailstones its been a real mixed bag today.

I finished my ruffles baby blanket in a week! Yes I know check me out with super speedy hooking for a change :) I also made a white and blue granny square blanket with fringing and some bear slippers. The customer was delighted. I was happy with it. The fringing was a right royal pain in the backside, which took ages and used far more yarn than I anticipated though. I took a few awful pics for you all to see and I've added the product to my shop as well :)

Not bad though for 2 weeks work. I've also managed to purchase some bargains too! Many many bamboo circular needle sets so I can practice speeding up my knitting its so much easier knitting continental style with circulars and the bamboo stops the yarn slipping all over the place too. Happy happy happy!!

I've also had to purchase a new iron as mines pretty much on its last legs and its getting harder and harder to remove any creases lol it's been a faithful friend and given many years good ( and bad) service so I hope the new guy will meet these expectations.

I've been watching the discovery of Richard the thirds skeleton with rapt attention. I was at university in Leicester and am pretty sure I must have walked-driven over that spot many a time!! And now there's a big battle over where his final resting place will be, I'm hoping he gets moved to York minster because York is not only a beautiful place, as a person he spent an awful amount of time there. I'm a bit of a history buff too, and love most things history :) I studied museum studies, with the hope of getting into restoring old houses. The dreams still there albeit a little faded now!

Talking of historical things I'm in love with the series on itv about mr selfridge, especially since the void that downton abbey and the paradise left! I must watch on repeat a million times a week! Lol

Hoping you all have a lovely rest of week and I will be back soon with some new makes to show you all :)
Ps: the feast and fast is still going amazingly well and m loosing lots of weight! Yay!!