Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I've never really thought....,

About the way I crochet. Because I'm a lefty, I find it difficult to crochet anti-clockwise the conventional way, the way that probably makes more sense. I crochet my own little left-handed-back-to-front way, that is to say, I follow the charts/pattern going left to right in my crochet.
I've never really had any major disasters doing it this way, and I think that my crochet looks just as good as anyone else's. The only thing that has bothered me has been putting up patterns and thinking that it would just be complicated and messy because of the way I do things.
However, after talking to a friend of mine, she suggested that perhaps I wasn't the only "lefty" crocheter to follow patterns in this way and that a tutorial like that might help a whole host of people just like me :)

It seems like such an indulgent thought that there may be 'others' out there, and why should I not, who's to say there's an absolute right or wrong way to do these things!

So, over the next few weeks I will be thinking hard of some nice tutorials to add to the site.

At the moment I'm working n some new stuff for my shops, I'm halfway grouch a crochet dress that I ran out of yarn for , but looking at the dress I'm not really sure I like it, I might unravel and see if I can salvage the yarn for some small projects I have in mind.

I'm also working on some heart shaped key rings/bag dangles/charms I've taken a picture of my progress so far, they are just waiting for some prettification. The heart pattern is really easy, so I've been indulging in another of my passions and reading! The book is part of the Hamish Mcbeth series by M.C Beaton, she's one of my favourite light reading authors and her books really make me smile. It's nice to be transported to the Scottish highlands during crochet breaks :)

The house hold is almost back to normality now that my oldest son has gone back to school, it seems really quiet without him here. Unfortunately one of his intended Christmas gifts arrived yesterday, a much anticipated new game for his Nintendo ds, so we spent a nice evening together snuggled on the sofa, him with the ds, me with my crochet all cosied up in front of the fire! I think it's the most quiet he's been for a long time lol!!! The game is much loved already, I love the little looks of excitement he gets when he's completed a new bit of the game!!

Happy times :) xxxxx

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