Saturday, 19 January 2013

A new baby blankie adventure

This week we've had some snowy weather here in the uk, it's been reallllllllly cold and the forecast is for yet more snow.

Today we've taken the kids to the park for some snowballing and sledging!! ( and yes my inner child came out) we tried our hand at building a snowman but it didn't really work because the snow was too powdery. A good time was had by all!! We had a quick stop off at my L.y.s for some emergency supplies and then headed home for a nice cup of hot chocolate :)

So, I should explain about the yarn. Last night my mum put someone in touch with my etsy shop storms end because they was looking to buy some crochet blankets for their baby ( due in march I think?!) we struck a deal so I'm getting to make some pretty baby blankies over the next couple of weeks.

I will put some pics at the end of the post of my progress so far and what the end product should look like :)

It's really nice to have generated a new customer in this way, she's a lovely lady and I really hope I deliver for her!! I love the thought of a nice new squishy cuddly baby wrapped in my crochet :D and I'm going to make a few little extras for her with the hope that she will spread the word a bit for me - she works in the local newsagents so there is lots of potential here.

I will keep you all updated!!
Have a lovely weekend xxxxx

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