Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The one with the elf hat......

Ok, so last post I think I stressed I didn't like the mobile bloggy thing but here I am, guess you could say I'm a sucker for convenience or maybe just a lazy bum, either way looks like mobile blogger may be the way forward now!

This Christmas I have got a lot of crafty gift makes on the go, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of crafting for my oldest sons school play. This year he's going to be an elf, so I just couldn't resist making him a cute little elf hat. I had to crochet this one, mainly because I'm faster with the hook than with the pins!!! He requested that the hat be green and white because he didn't want people to confuse him with Santa! I found a free cap pattern on ravelry and just adapted it to suit my needs, I think it measured 17" around or maybe a little more, that's my not-so-accurate measuring but it fit him ok when he tried it on, if anything it was a tad too big! I did a border in red of front and back post double crochet to make it look like a mock rib, I think it really works well and adds a bit of chunkier texture to the to it off I made a big fluffy Pom Pom for the end, my sons favourite bit apparently! No special technique, I just drew around a roll of cello tape and reel of cotton for the circle shapes on to cardboard and wrapped to my hearts content! The boy was in love and has taken to wearing his hat around the house! What more could I ask for?!

So the hat was finished at the weekend, taken to school on Monday ready for his play and today he informed me it had dropped behind the stage and the teacher wouldn't retrieve it, I don't think cross is the word! Clearly this teacher has no idea how long it took me to sew in ends and make a Pom Pom. His school play is tomorrow, I hope they have it by then or I've got some serious complaining to do .

I shall keep you all informed!

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