Wednesday, 5 December 2012

On the go

Hey guys! I'm posting from my mobile for the first time ever (sheesh, I'm getting good at conquering all these firsts) so sorry if this is a bit slap dash, I haven't got the foggiest how it works lol.

I can't believe it's been like nearly a month since my last post, I'm so slack! I guess it's just the time of year lots going on regarding Christmas makes, decorations,baking, presents and in my case panicking lol. I've been making some more baby beanie hats this time with a little granny action going on ;)

Although it pains me to say it the yarn funds are a bit stretched right now so these smaller projects which don't consume much are a godsend! In the pics the hat looks really purple but its actually more of a pinky purple! I took close up shots of the flower and the shell edging because they're pretty, and I like pretty things! I am assuming the photos will come at the end of the post?!

I'm not really sure I like this mobile blogging, probably better for when you're on the go!

So, again I've put the hat up for sale on my storms end shop on etsy, if you'd like to have a peek I'd be ever so grateful! I've got a gazillion projects on the go at the min, lacy leg warmers, elf hats, Christmas decorations, presents and some cards to make I've also got lots of eye candy to share with you from the likes of Pinterest which reminds me I will pop a link on here to my Pinterest boards if you want to have a looky ( I love following people on these things)
Hopefully my next post will be using more appropriate tech lol xxx

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