Monday, 12 November 2012

A crochet first for me

Hello my lovelies!!
Just got back into my blogging shoes after a pretty disasterous couple of weeks (y'know sometimes I think I'm like Eeyore from Winnie-the-pooh, with a permanent raincloud following me).
I've had the trauma of my car practically dying on me, plus the tax and MOT ran out, plus I got a crack in the windscreen, not one of those fixable ones, the ones where you have to buy a whole new windscreen, sheesh talk about bad luck!
The boy has been on half term from the end of october to november the 5th, so we've had some nice family time together :) We went to a local firework show, and came home to our own little 'party' - if there's one thing the boys both love, its party food!  We also had fun carving a mean looking pumpkin and eating chocolate apples (suprisingly not a hit with the kids)
I've been thinking of a million and one things to make for my etsy shop, even to the point where I've woken in the night and written down ideas (obsessed??!!) but not alot of it has actually come into fruition yet.  I'm determined to understand how to make my own patterns, mainly for my work on the knitting machine, but also so I can make some unique designs for my shops on etsy.
Today, I've taught myself how to crochet a baby beanie from scratch, nothing fancy, just making sure my measurements are correct and adding a bit of a fancy trim along the edge its waiting for a flower but I was a little excited and had to show you guys ::

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