Sunday, 14 October 2012

The month of making!

I am officially REALLY busy making various bits and bobs, this period is quite full on for me, what with halloween, colder weather makes and I also have two special birthday makes for october, not to mention the big C.............

So, I thought I'd share with you one of the presents I'm making for my mum this year for her birthday.  I chose the above slippers/room shoes to make her. Shes not really a big slipper fan but I have in the past bought her those ballet shoe sock thingies.  I thought some pretty flower slippers be nice for her, so when she's finished work she can kick off her shoes and relax at home and not get cold feet! Also, she has a really cold bathroom, and I would NOT like to be in there in the morning when its cold. Seriously!

The pattern is a freebie from ravelry (yay!) and is by a japanese company called pierrot yarns, they have a ton of free patterns on ravelry which are really pretty, both knitting and crochet, some are japanese with diagrams, some are translated into english.  This is one of the translated ones you can find the link here

The hardest thing was trying to work out what sizes the pattern were in, the japanese measure their feet in cm, so the largest size 24cm is about a size 5 (uk) shoe, and the medium about a size 3 (uk) shoe.  I started off with the medium size and did one shoe, before checking this out and realising it would be too small (doh?!). They make up really quickly, and would make a perfect last minute gift idea if you ever needed one! I've already made 2 shoes, one in the wrong smaller size and one in the right bigger size and it only took me a couple of hours this afternoon.  So if you have small people its the ideal project to fit in between nap times :)

I still havent managed to master fairisle on needles, so I don't think I will be making any of the much coveted norwegian mittens any time soon! I've also got to figure out what else to make for the rest of mums present, and then I've got my auntie to make for too, their birthdays fall on the 29th and 30th of october. I was thinking that I could make some sort of cowl/mobius scarf or shawl on the knitting machine, I've come across some really nice lacy patterns that I reckon I could acheive without too much stress :)

Now back to work...........

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