Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sinking feeling


Ok, so today, approximately  exactly 9.30am I had transplanted some hand knitting to my machine (I had knit a fancy rib boarder) and was just getting ready to knit the more tedious stocking stitch with the machine, when I swished the carriage back and forth about 3 rows I noticed there was some sort of problem with the 'stitch sinker plates'.  Cursing my kids and their curious fingers I unravelled all my hard work (not for the first time on this project) and began to take the machine apart.
This was quite possibly the BIGGEST mistake EVER!

Unscrewing about a million screws was the least amount of my worries.  When I eventually got to the part that would enable me to 'fix' the sinker plates, it all went wrong, oh so very wrong!
The needle bed very helpfully was put together in sections, which immediately fell apart, and the sinker plates at the join of the sections would not play nice and go back quietly, they kept making bids for freedom and each time I finally thought I had it, oh no, off one would ping.
Its official,
I hate the sinker plate.
I hate the stupid fiddlyness of fixing it.
I hate the lack of useful imformation available.

Now as I speak, I still have the million screws to do back up before I can see if we are operational again.
It is now 21:23pm
My kids have touched the 'bits' on the table, so I'll be lucky if everything has survived.
That wasn't supposed to happen today!
Did I mention I hate this?

So, for all you guys out there without any knitmaster know how, the picture above is of the main carriage, the sinker plate I'm referring to is the black bit between the needles, you can see in the middle some are slightly raised where the carriage is going across.
I am never, ever, ever taking this thing apart again.
If you own one yourselves, don't do it.
If you have taken one to bits please, please, please help me out a little and send me some tips, before I make myself go bald.
That is all.
Thank-you and goodnight xx

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