Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Surviving the summer holidays

So, the summer holidays have come swiftly to and end and I SURVIVED!!!! I did manage to fit quite a few makes into the holiday period, some photographed, more not.  Mostly though our holidays have been given over to having fun on a budget (not the easiest of tasks) and I think we came up trumps! Lots of visits to our newly discovered, fairly local park which has lots of super cool things to play on, and a skatepark to keep the bigger kids entertained and out of the way :)  Baby G can now slide down the slide on his belly all by himself (woohoo) and its his absolute most favourite thing to do.  We had fun in our garden, at the beach, and at the woods.  We had picnics and sometimes macdonalds as a treat, we've even had barbeques and alfresco dining, and eating in homemade tents, mostly though we've had lots of family fun, just as it should be!
On the making front, I've made lots of these little guys ::

 I made the pattern myself, I'm sooo proud!  They are cute little owl cozy's and a great little project to use up left over yarn, I made mine to fit an iphone but I think the pattern could easily be adapted to fit other phones.  Too cute!!

I also made these::

 I found the pattern for a hello kitty granny square floating around on ravelry and just HAD to try it out! I <3 a="a" and="and" cute="cute" font="font" have="have" hello="hello" i="i" kitty="kitty" look="look" made="made" massive="massive" of="of" pile="pile" really="really" the="the" them="them" think="think">
Some of them have been transformed into cute little coin purses like this one

It has the kitty motif for the front and then a floral granny motif for the back, its lined with matching felt so your pennies dont fall out before you get to the shop :)

They are only really small, just the size of a regular granny square about 6/7" but good for slipping a bit of change in for pocket money, dinner money, etc.  Did I mention that they're really, really cute?

I'm also part way through a hello kitty bag, which is currently on hold pending more yarn :(

I thought I'd share a few snaps with you of some of our holiday adventures.  This is a real hidden gem in the lincolshire countryside and a place I've visited very often called Elsham Hall.  Its a beautiful countryside walk with a huge lake where you can feed the fish and ducks, a little farm with animals and a ig playground with lots of play equipment!

Here are the boys feeding the ducks and fish, Baby G got a little excited and got very near the edge of the lake more than once!

This super house was one that had been rescued from someone's garden, it dates from the 1700s and most of the interior is original, the outer walls have been plastered with a kind of mud, hence it being called the 'mud' cottage.  It's been erected using traditional techniques and would have been a typical agricultural workers cottage.

The walk takes you right around the lake past formal gardens and a butterfly garden.
I think its just stunning, don't you?

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