Saturday, 22 September 2012

Knitware designer

I'm totally frustrated that I found some reasonably cheap software for drafting my own machine knitting patterns, with a free demo trial before you buy thingy and I cannot get it to download on my laptop ughhhhhhhh!

*bangs head on table several times*

Its sooooo annoying, because other people seem to have managed it perfectly well, and because design a knit software costs too much for my almost non existant budget to cope with.

Also, I'm having problems understanding what a knit radar is and whether it will work on any knitting machine? I mean that would be so useful to chart your own patterns in that way but with my modest machine I don't think it will work?!

It's so frustrating the lack of comprehensive machine knitting information for the 'newbie', most people assume you already have all the know how!

Ok, breathe, rant over!

I'm going to uninstall all the files I just downloaded but can't open *grimace*

I wish I was more tech savvy lol

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