Wednesday, 19 September 2012

All things fair isle


 Just recently I seem to have gone completely dotty over all things fair isle! I've always secretly haboured desires to knit myself a pair of amazing patterned nordic style mittens such as the ones pictured above, in fact, I think I seem to recall that one of my crafty new years resolutions this year was to learn fair isle techniques.  I've always been put off before having visions of my knitting ending up in a big tangly mess :)  Since getting my knitmaster, fair isle has been cropping up in my thoughts more and more often, and as soon as a new yarn buying opportunity presents itself, I may well indulge in a bit of machine - knitty - fair isle action! Also, I may point out that I have never before knit on dpns, so nothing too ambitious here!

There's something very christmassy about fair isle don't you think?  I wondered if there was a crochet version of fair isle, I've tried various methods of trying to crochet with two different colours and it's never really worked for me! I don't know if this is something to do with my left handedness? After a walk in the woods this morning with baby g and the mr I realised that its getting a tad nippy out and about right now, and it may well be time for a mitteny/ scarf project.  I found the above crochet mittens whilst searching for patterns online, its from the crochet now or crochet today website, I cant really remember which one, and seems to be the closest thing I've come across to Nordic Mittens crochet style.  I must admit I'm not really keen to be honest, they just look so much better knitted!

This blanket, did however catch my eye, its crochet and fair isle ish, I wonder how this was acheived? It's opened up a whole new realm of hookey opportunities that I feel I must explore.  Crochet fair isle sounds like it would be soooooo much easier than knitty fair isle, and even easier than knitty fair isle on dpns!!!  I'm excitedly trying to find some form of instruction so that I can commence hooking soon! At the minute I've been knitting baby clothes on the machine, and making up some new cushion covers for my etsy shops.  Now that the chilly weather has started to set in I feel like I need to update my shop products, so it will be hooks away from me :)

Have a good week folks xx

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