Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I tried!

So, recently I bid on and won a bond knitting machine from eBay. I was soooo excited when this little(?) guy turned up. Thinking of all the cool things I could knit in just a fraction of the time, but mostly that I would be able to knit those beautiful fair isle patterns without getting all tangled up well, how wrong could I have been?
I studied the instruction books, set up the machine on a level surface (my dining room table) decided I would use some old acrylic yarn for practise and set up the machine. The instructions said it was ok to use dk weight yarn right up to chunky knit, so I settled for dk. And began to knit.
The first few god I had trouble casting on, just a glitch I told myself, new things take time to learn and get the hang of so I persevered. After 2 hours I slowly got the hang of it, then the problems began.
First it started with dropped stitches.
Then it started skipping virtually the whole row.
Then things got really nasty when after several rows of work, manually picking up dropped stitches, it decided it didn't want to play and randomly dropped my entire knitting off the hook. Just a glitch, I told myself, deep breathes and carry on.
Until it happened again.
And again
And again.
At one point I managed a run off 40 stitches before it happened. I searched google frequently for answers, and apparently it was quite a common problem with these machines. At this point my dreams of piles of knitted winter sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls etc was quickly fading. Hours later, days later the problem still has not resolved. I tried switching key plates to a larger size, different types of wool, different hanging weights, going slowly, going faster, lighter pressure, increased pressure and of course a few choice words were thrown into the mix!
The Machine HATES me. Fact.
So I dug my little sticks out and knit on, ok it might take me a year to knit a sweater in future but at least I will still have my sanity! Yay for hand knitting!!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I'd like to introduce you all to my newest venture, new etsy shop storms end a sweet little shop thats going to sell all things baby :)

It's only in its very very early stages, but I just couldn't keep it secret any longer, I'm bursting with pride :) I've got lots of sweet little projects in the pipeline for this shop, I've already added the cute little bunny slips for sale and my second item was uploaded today ::

Funky, furrylicious baby ugg booties with sparkly crystal heart buttons. Don't they just make your heart melt?

I can make them in almost any colour if raspberry isnt really your thing!

perfect for baby divas dont ya think?