Monday, 2 July 2012

 So, last time we spoke I think I told you all about my sudden spate of jewellery making and my joy jealousy of relatives and friends who had recently started their own crafty ventures?! The jewellery making has continued.....and I really love some of the stuff I've made just recently :) I also decided that maybe the baby-clothes-scenario was not a bad idea after all, after all people do have babies all the fact alot of my friends have had babies (including myself) within the past two years.  So I trundled up into the attic to retrieve my box boxes (and boxes) of knitting patterns and was quite suprised at what I'd been hoarding up there! I came across this lovely little book by sublime and thought it was a good place to start..........the patterns are very beautiful but not altogether too technical (I thought I'd better practise a bit first before I start anything too lacy) flicking through the book, I wanted to make all the patterns straight away (naturally) but I finally settled on this one ::

The very cutesome Sunday jacket! I also had lots of lovely baby wool left over from some projects I had started before my youngest son was born, so needles in hand I give it a go! I was pleasantly suprised when I knit the tension square at the beginning and found that for once my tension was almost spot on barring a couple of rows (its normally waaaayy out, I have a tight tension) so I could get clickety clicking straight way.  Three days later and I've finished the back and two fronts, which I think is pretty good going.  (i'm quite slow at knitting) The pattern is easy to understand so far which makes it easier - there's nothing worse than selecting a pattern trying to follow as hard as you might and then the knitting you produce looks nothing like the actual pattern you are supposed to be following.  I've knitted it in white size 3-6 months (so its big enough for people to get an idea of what the jacket looks like properly) and I'm seriously thinking of opening a new etsy shop just concerntrating on the baby stuff and having my other shop for my home and jewellery bits.  Do you guys think it would be a good idea? I read in the etsy seller handbook that they don't encourage people to have more than one shop, but I think people get a bit overwhelmed when your shop has EvErYthIng in it.......sort of higgledy piggeldy and people might get a bit lost trawling through the listings (I find it very irksome to have to trawl through a gazillion listings just to find one teensy tiny thing).
So, a new  etsy shop maybe on the horizon, or I may use one of my other outlets to sell the baby things, folksy or lilyshop.

That's taken the most part of my weeks up, making things :) I LOVE to be able to say that! The weather has been too yucky and tempramental to do much else, Thursday we had big massive rainstorms with lots of rain and it was flooded at my sons school.  One good side effect though was that the flowers in the garden are positively blooming::

 Our lavinia rose that we bought not so long ago has really blossomed, lovely pink luscious fairytale roses and I was presented with a bloom from each of my sons on sunday afternoon when they were helping their dad in the garden <3  They smell as good as they look too.

Ive also recently become addicted to this book::

Don't worry, it isn't the 50 shades of grey series that seems to have woman all over swooning about  To be honest I'm a bit sick of hearing about it now! No, this my friends is the amazing Game of Thrones series.  It's been out a while now and I think those of you lucky enough to have sky may have watched the tv series too, but the books are awesome! My mum has been harping on at me for ages to read them (we have very similar reading tastes) so I finally succomed and borrowed the first in the series from the library! Its sort of set in a time similar to the medieval or dark ages about families warring over the throne to rule the 'seven kingdoms' but I love the honor, deceit, betrayal and intrigue of it all.  It's one of those books where you truly dont know whats going to happen next, and the instant you start to like a character they go and do something so utterly opposite.......I'm gripped! unfortunately, I've finished the first part and my local library has been shut until further notice because of all the rain damage so I'm biiting fingernails waiting for the next part!!!
Truly, truly would recommend this to anyone, even those who enjoy 50 shades of grey ;)

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