Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Knits

So, I thought I'd introduce you to what's currently on my needles this month.  As its soon to be my birthday I treated myself to the above knitting pattern book, its from bergere de france who, are my favourite pattern designers!

If we take a little peek at the inside (sorry I pinched the photo from cocoon knits website, hence the watermark) I'm making the little top with bow on it, shown with stripey pants!  It's not been very easy going though I have to admit.  The pattern is quite abbreviated so I've had to read it through a few times before casting on to make sure I have the instructions right in my head, so far I've knitted the front section and I'm in the middle of the right back.  It took me forever to make the pleats on the front, and I'm still not sure I've done them right, oh well, its all good practice! :)

I'm using rico design baby classic dk in hell blau.  This yarn is lovely to work with, and feels so soft and squishy.  It comes in a good range of colours and very reasonably priced.  I bought mine from my lys, but it's readily available on the net if you should want to try it out.  It doesn't give blocking instructions though on either the yarn or the pattern book so i'm not sure whether to block or not? I've been desperately scrabbling about on the net to see if I can find anything but I've had no joy so far. Any of you lovely ladies have any tips?

I think next time I make something from this book I might try the bergere yarn, I love the colours it comes in, although its not as nice feeling as the rico (in my humble oppinion).  It will probably take an age to make this top though with it being the school holidays, most of my time has been taken up with entertaining the boys!

We FINALLY - as in yesterday got a new cooker delivered, and my very clever hubby installed it so we can eat normal food! I'm celebrating by cooking a nice cooked dinner tonight, with sausages - my sons favourite! I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to eat microwaved food :)
next time we go shopping I'm going to get flour and eggs and do some cake making!!!

well, I hope to keep you all updated with my new knittin,
Happy crafting,
Danielle xxx

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