Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hopity, Hopity, Bunny slips

So, last time we spoke I showed you the uber-cute owl bag that I hooked up as a gift, well I was also asked to make something short notice for a newborn baby, this was thursday night at 6pm on the phone to my mum ".....oh, by the way, I know its short notice but could you make me a few gifts for a friend at work, she's leaving on monday to start maternity leave so I'll need them by the weekend, (without waiting for an answer) thanks love!".......er, yeah, sure thing mum!

It's a good thing babies are small so making them things doesn't take very long!
It's also a good thing that I have a reasonable yarn stash although not as large as this one :) so hooking could commence straight away!

And so, this is what I came up with ::

Cute Bunny slips! I know, I know they are sooo adorable! These are definateley going to be featured in my new etsy shop, but its not quite ready yet! So, the bottoms/soles of the bunny slippers are made from a vintage rose colour also from the stylecraft yarn range and the white is a baby wool from eons ago which I bought to make crochet granny stars one year at christmas.  They took a couple of hours to hook up but eeek they are cute! I can almost hear them going hoppity hoppity around the room.  I've already had a request for some more which will be my hooky project for tonight.

I also made these ::

Cute Bear Slips!! They lady in question doesn't know what sex the baby is going to be, so I thought something a bit more boyish was in order too, just in case! Oh, and the bear does have eyes although you can't see them too well on the pic! I wasn't sure how this would turn out because I adapted the bunny slippers pattern to come up with this, but I'm quite pleased with the result!  The soles a lighter brown/caramely colour in dk and the bear body is a super duper soft merino, perfect for tiny toes to snuggle into! They will also be featured in my new etsy shop......
I had to hook these up using a smaller hook than I usually use so you get a tighter stitch that holds its shape.  I'm currently exploring different patterns for baby things so I can stock my new shop up with what looks good and works, huzzah!
Happy hooking,
loves danielle x

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