Friday, 1 June 2012

The Waiting Game

These past few days, weeks even, have been all about waiting
Waiting after weeks of cold and rain for the sunshine :)

Waiting, not very patiently for happy birthdays to arrive.....
Waiting for our new seeds to grow into beautiful flowers:

Waiting for the wendy blanket to be finished:

and finally today, on what seems so far to be a gloriously sunshiney kind of day waiting for an important phone call, it seems like its never going to happen and I've been waiting since 9.00am this morning..........its now 12.30 in the afternoon (is that am or pm? I'm never quite sure) and I'm STILL waiting, albeit a little fidgety now.  Now, I'm quite a patient lady, being the proud owner of two small children one has to be, but just sometimes, I do not like to play the waiting game.
Doesn't it feel like we sometimes spend big parts of our lives waiting for things to happen rather than being able to go 'do' the things ourselves?

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