Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

 Here in the Uk we've had a tremendous weekend of celebrations for the Queens diamond jubilee.  On Saturday we celebrated with the small people and our family by having the 'jubilypmics' - a jubilee bbq with lots of yummy treats, greek salad, burgers, sausages, chicken, and a special jubilee cake my mum made which was a victoria sponge with cream on the top and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the shape of the union jack! It was deeelish! We also spent the afternoon competing in olympic style games which the little people loved, I don't think I've seen anything funnier than my soon to be two year old trying to hoola hoop, It really made me smile :)

On Sunday, the weather wasn't too good at all, in fact it was rain, rain, rain ALL day.  We watched a special boat pageant to celebrate the diamond jubilee, which went along the river thames, nothing like it for about 300 years it was soooooooo good! The crowds did not dissappoint and dispate the miserable weather people turned up in their thousands to line the banks of the thames and cheer the Queen on! I must admit, although its not to everyone's taste I absolutely love the fact that we have a royal family and I love all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it, I think its really special and historical <3

The above picture shows the Queen looking resplendant in her boat pageant outfit, and I was massively impressed that dispite the bad weather and dispite being a woman of 86 years old no less she stood firm and proud throughout the whole occasion (which lasted several hours). 
 This picture shows some of the boats that took part in the pageant, it was headed by several 'man' powered boats, by this I mean people rowing.....imagine having to row all that way in the wind?! I think it was some 14miles.  There were all different kinds of boats and the ones above show the flags from the countries in the commonwealth.  It truly was a spectacular day, and I wish I could have experienced it in person!!!

During the week, because the weather has been largely miserable and rainy I made some more bracelets to cheer myself up! The one below is made from glass pearls with crystal rondells inbetween::

 I love the colours, all chosen at random but actually looking at them the dont look very haphazard, the look in sync with each other, I tried to use rondells which matched the colour of the pearls, and although you cant really see it in the picture they really catch the light and sparkle in the sun.
 For my next bracelet I was trying to go for something a bit more delicate but still quite fun! Again, I love the colours and the way the sit between the silver tube beads, simple but effective!! I've put both of these bracelets up for sale in my etsy shop, I just hope someone will love them as much as I do ;)

Today's jubilee event is a big concert thats going on at buckingham palace, followed by james bonds 'quantum of solace' which I've never seen before and am very much looking forward too.
Hope your jubilee weekends have been as much fun as ours!
Danielle xxxxxx

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