Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy family times

 This  has been a really jolly half term time for us this past week.  Although the weather in the uk has been a bit grim at times, we've had lots of fun all the same.  My eldest son has developed a passion for tennis, which fortunately for him, my partner also really adores and was really quite good at it when he was younger.  So, new balls purchased, we've made lots of trips to our local tennis courts to indulge! The local courts are in a bit of a neglected and sorry state which made us kind of sad, lots of rubbish strewn around and broken glass and bottles all over the place, the net was in a bit of a sorry state too........not hung up properly, but that didn't deter us and we've spent lots of happy family time playing tennis and football at this park, which not many people seem to visit so on most occasions we've had the whole place to ourselves. Just how we like it :)

We've also had another happy birthday this week, and what a happy birthday it was! My youngest son turned two on Sunday and we celebrated by going to cleethorpes and enjoying the festival of flight! It was magnificent to see the crowds along the beach and seafront and also to see some of the planes.  There were gyrocopters, hurricanes but our most favorite by far were the red arrows::

 Their daring feats of display are truly breath taking! Much to the pleasure of the two boys ::

 If you watched the jubilee festivities, you may recognise the formation below from when the red arrows flew over buckingham palace, they also dedicated this manouvre to her majesty at the festival ::

Apparently, they get their coloured smoke by releasing a dye into the fuel, the air smells fantastic after they've been whizzing by!  We did take far more photographs than this, there's just something so spectacular about them.  My older son, after watching all the airplanes has decided he wants to become a red arrows pilot, his very first 'dream' job! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh! it's soo nice to have happy family time, dream big dreams, and to really appreciate the special things in our lives.

danielle xxx

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