Thursday, 21 June 2012

 This week I've had the urge to make lots (and lots) of jewellery and pretty things for my etsy shop.  Maybe its because progress on the wendy blanket is going quite slow, but I simply felt an urgent need for pretty craft activity.  So here we are, the above picture is my favourite bracelet, Aqua and mint green glass pearls and crystal beads with a sparkly white rhinestone rondelle in the centre.  The pictures just dont do it justice.......well regular readers of my blog will know that I'm seriously lacking in any photography skills.....and the dull grey relentless no summery bad light doesn't help either, but it truely sparkles and glints in the sunlight.  I think I may make quite a few more of these :)

The bracelet making activity was spurred on by the fact that I had ordered new beads (yay) there's always something so pleasurable in receiving packages from the postie, especially when you know they contain packets of glittering beads :) The pearls I already had in my stash, but I confess, I did order more.....and the crystal beads were a new purchase.

This next one is pretty and pinky and girly, I get a really buzz out of doing the real girly jewellery bits because I'm surrounded by boys in my house and they are both really boyish boys.......guns, footballs, playfighting, dinosaurs and robots are the order of the day!

Followed by some sweet hearts ::

 And sunshiney leaves....because we have been seriuosly lacking in sunshine of late::

But I think when it comes down to it, I think my recent creativity has been spurred on by (and I'm embarrassed to admit it) a surge of jealousy that I've experienced from some of my friends and family.  A close friend of mine decided that she would start making bracelets of her own, and I guess I'm jealous because she seems to be selling quite alot of them! And again for the same reason a relative deecided to start knitting baby items.....and has also been very successful in terms of sales, it's really made me reasses my creative abilities.  I'm a bit at a loss as to why they have had a bigger succuess in a short space of time.
But that is selfish of me..........of course I should wish them both success............I'm just finding it really really hard! lol
I wonder if any of you out there feel the same?
Danielle xx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy family times

 This  has been a really jolly half term time for us this past week.  Although the weather in the uk has been a bit grim at times, we've had lots of fun all the same.  My eldest son has developed a passion for tennis, which fortunately for him, my partner also really adores and was really quite good at it when he was younger.  So, new balls purchased, we've made lots of trips to our local tennis courts to indulge! The local courts are in a bit of a neglected and sorry state which made us kind of sad, lots of rubbish strewn around and broken glass and bottles all over the place, the net was in a bit of a sorry state too........not hung up properly, but that didn't deter us and we've spent lots of happy family time playing tennis and football at this park, which not many people seem to visit so on most occasions we've had the whole place to ourselves. Just how we like it :)

We've also had another happy birthday this week, and what a happy birthday it was! My youngest son turned two on Sunday and we celebrated by going to cleethorpes and enjoying the festival of flight! It was magnificent to see the crowds along the beach and seafront and also to see some of the planes.  There were gyrocopters, hurricanes but our most favorite by far were the red arrows::

 Their daring feats of display are truly breath taking! Much to the pleasure of the two boys ::

 If you watched the jubilee festivities, you may recognise the formation below from when the red arrows flew over buckingham palace, they also dedicated this manouvre to her majesty at the festival ::

Apparently, they get their coloured smoke by releasing a dye into the fuel, the air smells fantastic after they've been whizzing by!  We did take far more photographs than this, there's just something so spectacular about them.  My older son, after watching all the airplanes has decided he wants to become a red arrows pilot, his very first 'dream' job! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh! it's soo nice to have happy family time, dream big dreams, and to really appreciate the special things in our lives.

danielle xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

 Here in the Uk we've had a tremendous weekend of celebrations for the Queens diamond jubilee.  On Saturday we celebrated with the small people and our family by having the 'jubilypmics' - a jubilee bbq with lots of yummy treats, greek salad, burgers, sausages, chicken, and a special jubilee cake my mum made which was a victoria sponge with cream on the top and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the shape of the union jack! It was deeelish! We also spent the afternoon competing in olympic style games which the little people loved, I don't think I've seen anything funnier than my soon to be two year old trying to hoola hoop, It really made me smile :)

On Sunday, the weather wasn't too good at all, in fact it was rain, rain, rain ALL day.  We watched a special boat pageant to celebrate the diamond jubilee, which went along the river thames, nothing like it for about 300 years it was soooooooo good! The crowds did not dissappoint and dispate the miserable weather people turned up in their thousands to line the banks of the thames and cheer the Queen on! I must admit, although its not to everyone's taste I absolutely love the fact that we have a royal family and I love all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it, I think its really special and historical <3

The above picture shows the Queen looking resplendant in her boat pageant outfit, and I was massively impressed that dispite the bad weather and dispite being a woman of 86 years old no less she stood firm and proud throughout the whole occasion (which lasted several hours). 
 This picture shows some of the boats that took part in the pageant, it was headed by several 'man' powered boats, by this I mean people rowing.....imagine having to row all that way in the wind?! I think it was some 14miles.  There were all different kinds of boats and the ones above show the flags from the countries in the commonwealth.  It truly was a spectacular day, and I wish I could have experienced it in person!!!

During the week, because the weather has been largely miserable and rainy I made some more bracelets to cheer myself up! The one below is made from glass pearls with crystal rondells inbetween::

 I love the colours, all chosen at random but actually looking at them the dont look very haphazard, the look in sync with each other, I tried to use rondells which matched the colour of the pearls, and although you cant really see it in the picture they really catch the light and sparkle in the sun.
 For my next bracelet I was trying to go for something a bit more delicate but still quite fun! Again, I love the colours and the way the sit between the silver tube beads, simple but effective!! I've put both of these bracelets up for sale in my etsy shop, I just hope someone will love them as much as I do ;)

Today's jubilee event is a big concert thats going on at buckingham palace, followed by james bonds 'quantum of solace' which I've never seen before and am very much looking forward too.
Hope your jubilee weekends have been as much fun as ours!
Danielle xxxxxx

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Waiting Game

These past few days, weeks even, have been all about waiting
Waiting after weeks of cold and rain for the sunshine :)

Waiting, not very patiently for happy birthdays to arrive.....
Waiting for our new seeds to grow into beautiful flowers:

Waiting for the wendy blanket to be finished:

and finally today, on what seems so far to be a gloriously sunshiney kind of day waiting for an important phone call, it seems like its never going to happen and I've been waiting since 9.00am this morning..........its now 12.30 in the afternoon (is that am or pm? I'm never quite sure) and I'm STILL waiting, albeit a little fidgety now.  Now, I'm quite a patient lady, being the proud owner of two small children one has to be, but just sometimes, I do not like to play the waiting game.
Doesn't it feel like we sometimes spend big parts of our lives waiting for things to happen rather than being able to go 'do' the things ourselves?