Friday, 11 May 2012

 Ok, so I think I may be a little crazy but I saw this on ravelry and decided that I wanted to have a go ::

It's called the 'wendy blanket' by wendy de haas?! I thought the pattern looked pretty cool, I have lots of balls of stylecraft special dk kicking about............which is the yarn used in the original pattern, so I embarked on yet another wip.
Looking at the picture above - which is not MY version by the way, I sort of mid way through the pattern.  I've already come across a couple of hitches though.  Firstly, the pattern called for joining the granny squares 'as you go' which is something I've never done before, the pattern does however give links to Lucy's blog attic24 where she has kindly written up a quick guide/tutorial on how to do this.  It was more tricky than I thought. 
Not because of Lucy's inability to write a good tutorial, no, her tute was great! The problem lies with me.  Maybe because I'm left handed or maybe cause I just got it wrong, who knows, but when I tried joining as you go, I got like little ridgey bits along the edges of the granny squares where I'd joined, not a problem in itself, it doesn't look bad, but it doesn't exactly look like THE wendy blanket, y'know the one in the picture.
Secondly, I kinda hit a bit of a glitch and I'm not sure how I went wrong but when it came to joining the mini granny squares second time round, in the picture there are only supposed to be 8 along each side, but I er, ended up with 9?! not sure how this worked but its left the blanket looking a bit misshapen now.....I can't really be bothered to unpick it all and start again so I'm just ploughing on steadily, I'm a bit worried about whats going to happen though when I get to the next lot of mini grannys.....this is where I think things are going to start having a bit of an impact.

I had to put my knitting project on hold, because I ran out of yarn which is one of the reasons why I started the wendy blanket, another reason is that as I mentioned above, I seem to have ALOT of stylecraft yarn kicking about and as my other half seems to have a bit of a problem with my craft obsession, I felt as though I had to try and destash a bit before I can purchase any more........that way he can't pull off the old 'you've got loads of wool that you never use' line which always manages to make me feel a teensy bit guilty and overindulgent.  So with yarn stock seriously depleted I dont have to feel guilty about purchasing more do I?! See? See my logic there?

I like making blankets, its kind of satisfying, if a little slow going.

It does tend to take up alot of time though, although, I'm happy to report that with this new blanket I'm already half way through in under a week! speed hooking! 

In other news this week, we've started to plan my oldest boys birthday celebrations which will be happening this tuesday.  He will have reached the grand old age of 6! So big, but so much still ahead of him! It's a very nice and exciting age I think :)  Looking back, I suppose I have noticed little signs of him growing up, little things, his knowledge and understanding of things have increased dramatically, but also he's taking a real interest on technology and I'm frequently having to fend off requests to use the computer (he loves playing moshi monsters) its not really something I'm comfortable with, I suppose I'm quite old fashioned when I think a boy of his age should have better things to do than to be sat in front of a television or computer for hours at a time. I hope I don't sound like a mean mum but I just think at his age he should have better things to be getting up too lol.

May is a good birthday month for us and I always look forward to it with glee. We will be busy attending and planning parties over he next few weeks but I'm hoping I will be able to keep you all updated on my blanket progress.
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend xxxx

** Ok so, about a week ago I couldn't live with the fact the blanket looked 'wrong', so I unpicked it and started again :) ahhhh huge sigh of relif because it looks and sits much better - YAY!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

 BBBrrrrr isn't it so cold here in the uk today? We had a teensy tiny bit of sunshine goodness yesterday, which made me feel all happy and glad and uplifted after all this miserable rain and cold and then BOOM, here comes the rain again.  It just makes the day sooooo dark and miserable and bleugh.  So to cheer myself up I've started to work on something very un-spring-ish, more snuggly, wintery, curl up in your favourite chair with a good book kind of project. I may have mentioned this in my last post....but as this is an impulsive blog I didn't bother to check. tut.
So, if you check out the pic at the top, you will kind of catch what I'm bumbling on about.  I saw that big chunky cabled loveliness and decided I needed some of that in my life right away.  So armed with some of this ::

some big needles (10mm babies) and my trusty book of stitch patterns, I decided to have ago at making my own.  Having read a few people's posts about how easy and quick that chunky wool was to work with I thought that this little project was going to be a bit of a breeze.  Wrong!
Firstly, I think I would have fared better if I had invested in some circular needles to cope with the bulkiness and stitches more effectively, but I admit, I didn't want to wait so used the red sparkly plastic ones that came free with a knitting magazine I bought an age ago.  Secondly, I should not knit when I am tired, especially cabled pattterns, or any other pattern other than garter stitch that might require counting and was bound to go wrong........I was bound to get frustrated.........this weeks silent witness was NOT a good programme to watch whilst knitting.
Well, after several frogged attempts I managed to get a little headway today, boy, they where right when they said that this wool knits up fast! zoooooooom I've used 1 whole ball in the space of an afternoon :) .  As for the yarn, its called serenity by wendy and its a bit lush, it past the squishy test in the shop, I was actually quite suprised at how soft and nice it felt because it was relatively 'cheap' yarn, being around the £3.50 mark.  I only bought 2 balls because I have never knitted with anything so bulky before, in fact I don't think I've used above 6mm needles.  I don't know the exact shade, its like a beigey colour.......not very adventurous but its intended as a throw to go over my much abused living room sofa, so I preferred something neutral in case I decide to decorate, y'know just in case!!!  It tends to flake away a bit whilst you're working with it, I am wearing dark clothing today and it looks like I may have been attacked by some king of wooly dog, not really a good look and possibly something to consider when the throw is finished.
Knitting on big needles also makes my hands hurt a bit after a while......
I think I will probably need quite a few balls of wool to make the finished blanket/throw I may even make a second one and then seam them both together to make a super chunky super throw, but all in all I think super chunky/bulky wool is definately a wool I like to work with, and it gives you a lovely knitterly texture.

It's not been all knitting this week though, I still have my little crochet project to finish up and photograph....I've also made a ton of new jewellery pieces to go in my etsy shop.  I was going to take pictures today but I don't think its been light enough to do the pieces justice. Annoying.

The boys have both still got chicken pox, my youngest has suffered really badly and has needed lots of cuddles and attention, I've been a bit naughty and let him sleep in my bed on a night time but I haven't had a proper nights sleep for the best part of a month now, possibly longer, its been so long I don't even know.  For my sanity and the sake of others though, he's slept in the big bed......I'm not the nicest person when I haven't had a lot of sleep and its starting to show.  Not good when your dealing with poorly kids and your patience has already been stretched to its limits....sometimes I have to remind myself to take deep breaths!

On that note, I had better pootle off to the kitchen and prepare dinner before the little people notice they are hungry.
Have a happy week kids xxxxxxxxxx