Friday, 20 April 2012

Bugs and bunting ::

 These past few weeks have been verrrrrry heavy going and challenging for me.  Not only has it just been the school holidays and we've had nought but horrid weather, but my oldest little boy came down with a bad case of chicken pox, so he's been all poorly sick and miserable, making mummy miserable because there was nothing that I could do to make it better for him.  Thank-fully he's now on the mend and should by Monday no longer be contagious.  I've got a few little crafty projects to share with you, that I've been quietly working away on.  As you can probably see I've found myself getting increasingly obsessed with shabby chic and bunting and the idea of having a quaint afternoon tea party is massively appealing to me right now!  So, here we have ten flags in dreamy pastel shades - left over yarns from a custom cushion that I made, a bit of crochet trim and the odd rose thrown into the mix.  Romantic. Vintage. Shabby chic, call it what you like...........heavily (very!) influenced by snippets of things I've come to covet on pinterest ::

Here's a close up of the trim, nothing too dramatic just little lacey loops::

 And a close up of the rose, I think the pattern is called an irish rose?! Maybe some of you more seasoned crochet types will know ;) ::

 Aaaaagh, sweet bunting, how lovely you look spread out on the floor. It's very much a case a feminine eye cady here, I think I may of mentioned before but our house is most definately team boy, no girly things aloud here, nope! So, being quite a girly girl myself, naturally I try and smuggle it in where I can.
 hhhm, my photography skills dont seem to be making much headway......good job I'm not an interior stylist I think I would have been fired for this wonky, slapdash hanging ::

 I also thought I'd show you this, after last post where I blogged about the patchwork granny cushion, I found some forgotten crochet flower garland goodness squirelled away that because of moving and the whatnot, I never got a chance to photograph and show it to you.
 Very similar to the patchwork cushion in terms of the colours I used.  Maybe that means I'm a spring gardeny colour type?
The motifs were a mish mash collaboration of my various crochet books, some from japanese, some from edie eckman's beyond the square..........if you're a newbie to crochet I can highly recommned this book, along with heaps of different motifs, there is a really good picture glossary of crochet stitches, which I find helpful when trying to follow crochet diagrams :) I got mine through amazon (which to be honest is where I buy most of my books from).  Worth a punt at any rate :)))

Buntings a really great project to undertake if you only have small little snippets of time to do your crochet, like in- between fitful chicken pox induced naps when your children are ill, enough to satisfy that crochet urge, portable and easy to pick up and put down, and definately easy enough to be good tv crochet activities, I like to do mine when I watch eastenders ;)

Happy weekend everyone xxxxx

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