Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring seems to have finally come tip-toeing into our lives, this year March and April have certainly seen their fair share of sunshine and showers! This spring is extra special to me, I seem to have really found my groove again, I think it's because family life has become so much more happier since we moved at the beginning of March :)

Ok, So, do you remember a while ago I posted the above picture and colour scheme from design seeds that I found via pintrest? And remember how I said I absolutely MUST make something using the above colours????
Well, I finished this little lovely a few weeks back now ::

A patchwork style cushion cover made up of teeny tiny granny squares...........I even found buttons to match in my stash :)
I love it! It's soooo spring and soooooo happy and country cottagey.  You can see in the above photo that baby G had to get in on the photo action, that boy just love,love,loves having his picture taken, and I had to quite literally bat him away to get a clearer shot of the back of the cushion! He's really growing up now, very nearly big two! He loves the open planness of the new house, and his favourite thing to do at the moment is charge about downstairs shouting boo. I love how simple and sweet his games are and how they make him the most happy.
Back to the cushion then,
I made it using some leftover stylecraft special dk yarn that I had in my stash and the palin white is some baby yarn, I liked using the two because they're very soft and squoosy and have definately passed the cuddle test.  I think thats quite important when you make things for your home, I like them to look good and be quite tactile too.  I didn't follow any particular pattern for the cushion, just one of those make it up as you go along type jobbies.  This style seems to be very popular at the minute though, I've seen quite alot of good examples out in blogland, pintrest and etsy.  My favourite is the one done by Emma Lamb! She seems to be the queen of making vintage crochet cool :)

Did you all have a lovely Easter then? I must admit the boys were very excited to see all their yummy scrummy chocolate treats that the easter bunny left for them.  They are both extremely good when it comes to treats of the sweet nature, neither have gone overboard and there is still almost all of their chocolately goodness left to enjoy.  They did think it was fun that they got to eat chocolate for breakfast though :)  Other than that our Easter weekend has been quite humdrum, we visited family on Saturday but the weather has been so miserable we haven't been able to venture out anywhere nice, and have had to content ourselves watching films :)  I'm just hoping that we will be able to get out and about somewhere before the end of the half term holidays.

Have a great week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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