Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Great destash

 Today I've set to and decided to sort out some of my crafty stuff, I think if your a seasoned crafter horder like me you will understand that this task is somewhat momentus, and not to be taken lightly! The reason why I've decided to sort through my stuff is so that I could sell the things that I definately wont ever use in my crafts because they're just not 'me' (but hopefully they are 'someone') which gives me space and all important funds for new materials that I actually would like to craft with.  Now you must understand that I didn't purposefully buy these unwanted craft items and then banish them to the depths of my craft cupboard, never to see the light of day..........I'm not that harsh, they just happen to be the result of 'bulk' buys where I loved some of the things, but others just aren't me, mainly the big chunky types of beads......I'm not a big fan, and they don't suit me at all.  So, I've managed to sort through and destash 2 bags of unwanted items so far, I'm sure there will be more, many more but little fingers invaded the bead stash, so I thought it more prudent to wait until little fingers were in bed and safely out the way.  :)
Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to get too annoyed by little fingers........
And so I have spent a leisurely afternoon pludering the depths of etsy and ebay looking for craft spoils that might like to find a home in my craft cupboard which was a happy way to spend the afternoon, which has been dark, cold, rainy and just downright miserable to the core.
The other thing I spent researching this afternoon was quilt tutorials.
Yes, you may find it strange (as do I) that I have a sudden longing for a quilt in my life, after all, I am more of a knitty and crochet gal, but I have a real longing to get a bit more friendly with my sewing machine and make something like this ::

I reallllllllly, realllllllllly want to make prettyful things like this for my home and for my etsy shop.  My fear of sewing stems back from when I took my GCSE textiles course, my teacher was a senile battleaxe who interefeared with my gorgeous silky chinese top that I was making and messed up the back (she thought she would be helpful by sewing my darts up for me) resulting in a lecture about not getting the right sized zip for the back, and not following the instructions on the pattern.  This resulted in a not too good exam result (I eventually got a C but was estimated much higher) and a life long phobia of sewing has resulted ever since.  I can't even sew in a straight line these days :(

I'm hoping to conquer my fear though, there are soooooo many projects of the sewing type that I'd like to try.  I think I will set some time aside when I dont have the small people and devote this time to conquering my phobia of the sewing machine! Hopefully, lots of sewing goodness will be the result.
Thankfully in blogland there are a great many people who posess fantastic sewing skills, who also blog about their sewing, and who are also delightful enough to provide tutorials about said sewing.  Happy, Happy times!

I have also got a cute little hooky project that I'm working on I can't wait to show you, it got the seal of approval from my mum when she visited yesterday, and she's even requsted one for her birthday......which is good because it was originally intended for her anyway, along with another gift of the hooky kind.  Not sure I can wait until her birthday though, thats in October!!!!

Hoping that you all have a good rest-of-the-week,
Much love,
Danielle xx

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