Sunday, 25 March 2012

Garden Dreams

 I've been scheming in my head now for quite sometime (by that I mean since before our new house was even secured) as to what to do with all that lovely jungle garden.  Having been garden free for quite a number of years I must confess I'm a little giddy with the thought of alllll the lovely lovely blooms that could be mine! So much choice! So much to consider, colours, aromas, whether it attracts wildlife (yes, yes I do want pretty butterflies and lovely bees to visit me!) Prettyness of the flowers in question, so much to take in, and I'm the first to admit I'm not green fingered or the garden type at all, oh no, 
So, my first idea as you can see from the picture above was maybe to just ease myself into it gently, mow the lawn, tidy the boarders and get heaps of pots filled with lush blooms that make your heart sing.  But that just simply. will not. do.
What I reeeeeeaally want, yes what my heart is aching for is a cottage garden, y'know those types you see belonging to chocolate box thatched cottage normally situated in the costwolds or devon or some other lovely part of the country.  But that doesn't mean to say that the dream can't still be mine.
The garden I can see in my minds eye is full of lovelies like these ::

 A bit on the wild side, very pretty, very dainty, happy garden flowers..........

And Holly hocks ::

 Holly hocks must be the staple for cottage gardens, well English cottage gardens at least.

Look at the colours soooo B-EAU-TI-FUL, can you imagine spreading a crochet blanket and sitting down to sun yourself amongst these? Yesssss! I knew it you want them too don't you?

 See, now thats the type of garden (and house) that I want right there!
It's not just the plants and flowers that I have thought about going into the garden, I also thought that some kind of seating arrangement was definately a must.  Take for instance these::

If I had a porch, they would definately have a place on it! Yes sir!! as it happens, I don't have a porch or anything remotely porch-like in the garden, but would it just be amazing to sit in the lovely sunshine, on a rocking chair? I adore rocking chairs, I think it stems back to my childhood, because one of my aunts had a rocking chair in her house (in fact she may still have it) situated in a conservatory next to a bookshelf, she's a publisher too so you can imagine just how amazing this space is, she always seems to have an amazing array of literature whenever you visit, she also has very similar taste in books to those that I enjoy reading, which makes it even better!  But, I digress, we can chat about books another time, right, back to the garden and potential furniture::

The green bench kind of reminded me of when you visit a stately homes formal garden they tend to call them 'love seats' I think they were quite popular back in tudor times, which as it happens is roughly when cottage gardens first came into play.......before then gardens were used to supply a household with all the necessaries for survival, fruit, veggies herbs etc but in come the tudors (around elizabeths time) and BAMM! we don't just want necessities anymore we want something for pleasure! So, I'm thinking that maybe I could persuade the other half to knock up a little green love seat, it doesn't need to be as fancy as the one above but if you could train roses to grow up the side of it that would really be something else wouldn't it?  So, I was all settled on the cottage garden complete with love seat arrangement when I happened to spy this little gem ::

I.want.that.chair. Eeeeeeek!!! how fabulous is this? I absolutely need this in my life right now, in all its ostentation and opulence and gorgeousness. Perfect for lounging around in the sunshine, and entertaining ones guests :)
 I dont think they make those in my budget thought *insert whistful sigh here*

So, as you can tell, I have about a million and one ideas for the garden, but absolutely no idea as to how to put those ideas into practice.........

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