Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Oh my ranty days!

So, this post is a bit of a ranty one today! See the red? thats me using my a-n-g-r-y voice......not shouty, shouty is usually reserved for the kids and my other half :)

Ok, so ten things that are irking me right now (yes
ten whole things!) :

1: People (mostly on social media, but a few real life types too) who refer to crochet as knitting. This REALLY gets on my wick, fact is they are two very skillfull and different techniques, one using a HOOK the other uses sticks. They should not be confused, they produce stunning and beautiful results in their own ways, and they should be regarded as two separate entities. fact.

Crochet <3
2: People using social media (in particular facebook) whose spelling and grammer is reallllllllllly bad! I mean, not just the odd mistake, we all make those after all that's what makes us human and not machines, no, I'm talking about people typing things like bin instead of being.........whats wrong with you people???

3: Crafts people who sadly buy into japanese crochet books etc and then sell the pattern as a pdf. It's just wrong, and I think it undermines the talented and clever people who are gifted enough to be able to visualise and create their own patterns. It doesn't make me angry so much as sad that people have to stoop to such levels.

4: Working on a project for ages only to find that somewhere the pattern went a bit wrong and you have to frog your work and start again........this happens to me all the time and its so annoying!!!

5: Not being able to knit as fast as I'd like because it hurts my fingers and hands after a while but it's something I love to do.

6: No matter how hard I try I cannot learn how to knit in the continental style. which bugs me. alot

7: Seeing something on pintrest or flickr and wishing I'd thought of doing it first

8: People who don't appreciate what they have in their lives....in the last year I've had quite a few major changes to my life and my life style, I don't have every thing I'd like but I certainly love everything I've got <3

9: Attention seekers and people who have to drag things up from the past that should lay to rest........get over yourselves.

10: Contestants on gameshows who "don't know anything" about the subject in question, but then go on to give the most obscure right answer........then activate the "look of suprise" as if were just a mere guess, er, yeah alright then who are you trying to kid!?!

I'm sorry to have begun in such a negative way but just to get that off my chest has felt sooooo good you just wouldn't believe!! Hmmmmmm maybe next post I should write about the ten things I love the most right now, to balance the blog karma out a little, lol
I wonder if any of you guys can identify with the things that have been irking me just lately??
Well there's not really much left to say except : Thanks for listening to my stupid ranting, it's been good to talk<3

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Colouring my world

So, I know its been a while, I'm not going to pretend to make any excuses. I am a rubbish blogger. There, I said it.

I foolishly surrendered my camera batteries for the greater good (my sons wii remote) and instantly regretted it.......I will probably get them back when they've died, I did consider stealing them back when he was asleep but decid
ed it would make the harmoniuos balance in my house rather unstable, I guess I'll just have to go buy me some more *insert lots of huffing and puffing here*

Last post I talked about all these brilliant creative ideas that keep spilling out of my mind, that hasn't stopped....... I was working on a custom order from my etsy shop, which as we speak now should be wending it's way over to america! Eeek!!!!
Now that that's finished, I was sorting through my mountainous yarn stash and happened to find lush raspberry......my raspberry ripple is currently under construction. It's a bit swoony, I'm not sure I want to put it up in my shop! I got's a thinking though about all the different coloured yarns I have,
and how I'd really like to have some sort of colour cohesion and balance in my crochet work.....I often sigh longingly at other peoples perfect yarn combinations and think to myself why oh why did I not think of that? I'm sure you've done it yourself............Even when I look at projects on Ravelry, I always check out what yarns other people have used and what colours. Well, whilst I was gawping over the fabulous eye candy over on pintrest I stumbled across this site
Someone has kindly gone to the trouble of choosing amazing images, and then grouping paint chip colours together so that you can choose your ideal colour palette in full confidence. I absolutely love love love it!!!!

So, if you want me, over the next few days you may find my browsing alllllllll the colour pallettes, deciding what colours will be my spring fling this year <3