Wednesday, 25 January 2012

That awkward moment where someone else has already had your 'really great idea'

So, you may remember last post I told you that my creative juices were positively overflowing just lately. So, it seems have everyone else's!

I was happily skipping through the land of blog earlier and loosing myself in all kinds of eye candy, when I got to Lucy's page at Attic 24, my heart suddenly skidded to a stop.....OH NO! right there. on her wonderous blog. my mini crochet bunting idea.

All beautifully executed, photographed and tutorial written up! Damn you woman, do you have to be so good at just about everything??!! Now its going to be EVERYWHERE because her blog is so very popular
. On the positive side though, I don't have to spend the afternoon muddling through trying to come up with a pattern for it, as she has so very kindly already done this.........phew!! Me and my crochet hook will be whizzing away!
Well, I say whizzing away, first I've got a customer order from my etsy shop to finish <3
Along with photographing some new items.....I'm
hoping tomorrow will be a good day for pictures because it's supposed to be sunny, a little bit sunny at least. That's the worst thing about January's, the grim weather means you dont have a very big time slot for photographs.

Now, I'm thinking about whether I should crack on with a few of my other ideas too in case someone else out there in blog land steals t
he limelight first!!!

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