Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pinning Like mad!

Hello all, Happy January!!!

Me and 2012 seem to have gotten off on the right foot! (Y

Ok, so we still don't have a job or anything yet but I'm positive this WILL be our year. Things will all work out and our future will be bright.

So, it's a happy january for me because my crafting seems to have gotten off to the best start :D I have quite a few little projects that I've finished just lately but I still need to get them photographed before thier big Ta-Dah moment. At the min I'm working on something verrrrrrry exciting, and verrrrrrrry pink! (and no it's not heart shaped either).

This month, or on Tuesday of this week to be exact I found my new happy place on Pintrest! Whilst alot of you out there seem to have known about this for ages I'm a newbie, I'm spending most of my spare non projecty time on the net pinning things, crochet things, wedding things, housey things, most things really that I really love and repinning things that other people seem to love and found before me! It's given me heaps of inspiration and I must confess thats where my newest project idea was born so, hurrah for pintrest!!!

I can also tell you that I have swapped my hook for my sticks and started knitting once again! I must admit I've been knitting since I was about 8 years old and all this time I think I was doing it wrong (I'm now 28) I'm a lefty for starters and I think I used to be what people called a 'thrower' anyway I googled and you-tubed ways in which to knit and hold your yarn and now I'm quite pleased to say that I knit like a normal person!! (Thank heavens for you tube) I must admit though I still think I must be doing something wrong because I'm a: not a very fast knitter and b: it really hurts my hands and fingers after a while! I might you-tube some different techniques see if I can get going with something. Anyhow, thats what I'm doing right now knitting and pinning as if my life depended on it.
Happy January knitting x

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