Friday, 30 December 2011

Phew! Christmas is over, the hustle and bustle of last minute present buying and food shopping over and done with, feverishly wrapping presents up when the little people have finally gone to sleep and piling them all underneath the tree, all over, done for another year and survived wahoo, I raise my glass to all the other mums (and dads) who have survived yet another stressful christmas, but you know what I absolutely LOVED every single minute of it. I loved that my children were so excited, to see their little faces when they opened their gifts was magical and I really couldn't have asked for more.

Because our budget has been a little stretched this year, so as not to compromise on what presents we could buy our children we decided to not buy each other gifts this year. I must confess though, I was browsing through the internet on ebay y'know just looking but not really intending to buy anything when my eyes alighted on this ::

Isn't it lush?
full of lovely vintage but modern goodies to knit and I got the wanties sooooooooooo bad and just had to have it, so one click and BOOM, it was mine! bought and paid for thank-you-very-muchly. I was soooooo excited when it arrived today, it was like my special little christmas gift to myself, to say well done on surviving what has probably been one of the worse and difficult years of my life so far. I also must confess that I just want to look like the model on the front cover of the book......................lush,lush,lush.

I haven't started any knitting projects from it yet, but it has been lovingly poured over many times with wistful sighing taking place.

I think I may even splash out on the real mccoy Louisa Harding wool to knit with :D If I buy it one ball at a time I don't think I will feel as guilty buying it, will I??
Hoping you survived your christmas period too, and had just a lovely time as I did, and hoping that you are planning to see the new year in with style!!!!
Here's hoping that 2012 is a good 'un

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