Friday, 25 November 2011

pine away

Hey guys! I just finally seemed to get my life sorted out a bit this week and I realised that I hadn't visited blogland in such a loooong, long time. Naughty me.

But I do have a reasonable excuse, promise! Two weeks ago (or very nearly) we lost our jobs at the pub and consequently our homes, its a long story and I wont bore you with the in's and out's of it all but needless to say we were offered an opportunity and it fell through and left us high and dry. Perhaps we acted a little naively.

Anywho, as you can imagine we've had all the stress and emotional rollercoaster of loosing practically everything and then a friend of ours (well more the mister's than mine) offered us a lifeline. A place to live, all be it short term.

So bad news aside, now we've found ourselves with a delicious amount of free time (which to be quite honest we haven't had in such a long time). One of my new favourite activities is having time to visit our local woods (actually a forest no less!) taking the pooch and family for a nice, healthy back to nature walk. I love it.

This week we collected a large bag of these:

Meant for some sort of crafty love, but I'm not really sure what yet. I have a few plans up my sleeve! I'm trying to steer away from the christmassy types of crafts usually associated with pine cones and maybe add a little crochet love!

Something more like this maybe::
or even these::

I also had to treat myself to a new digital camera as ours died just before we moved :( when I say treat, I mean buy myself a new one. Its not the best, but it only cost £39 pounds so it will do!
I can see me having a little trouble with this having to live on a budget thing already :/

Winter loves,