Friday, 16 September 2011

Its all about the cowl

So, These past couple of weeks (if your lucky enough to also be living in England) you may have noticed that autumn seems to have crept up upon us rather steathily! I mean how did we get to September already?! Anyway, I don't know if its the weather or if it's just me but I have developed a new obsession and have found that I absolutely NEED to make myself a Cowl! It's the perfect time of year to be sporting one of these beauties around your neck and thankfully, there seems to be a good selection of free patterns floating around in cyberspace waiting for me to make them. ALL.

I mean, who wouldn't want a lovely wooly, drapey, scarf-but-not-a-scarf to snuggle around your neck now that the weather's getting just that little bit chillier?! So, I've set about trying to conquer the cowl. I have to admit, so far all is not going to plan. I decided to knit my cowl instead of crochet,
mainly because there doesn't seem to be as many patterns that I like for crochet cowls but also call me crazy but I realllllly wanted to learn how to knit using circular knitting needles! I happened to have purchased some circular needles a long,long time ago (back when I was more a chick with stix than hook) but never used them or dare I say it even got them out of the packet! I also just happened to have some really lovely yarn in my stash, of the self striping/hand dyed effedt variety that I thought would be perfect for knitting up into a cosy cowl. However, I have since decided that this is not the case, nothing to do with the fact that I'm having a little trouble with trying to knit with circular needles, oh no, it's all about the size of the needles and the size of the wool both being different to that specified in the pattern so therefore both totally unsuitable for making into a cowl.

Still, I haven't been put off, I actually went ahead and bought some new, bigger circular needles and some gorgeous chunkier wool ::

This is the exact same shade that I picked! my needles arrived this morning and so far I've only unravelled once today. My problem lies in trying to get the round joined without the stitches being twisted. It doesn't matter how many times I check and twist round after about 4-6 rows you can guarentee I will find a twist and have to unravel the whole blooming thing and start again.
It's frustrating
and stressful..........

I have to say though, after so much crochet just lately I'm quite glad that I've picked up a bit of knitting, a new challenge shall we say?!

I'm determined to have made myself a cowl before the start of next summer at the very least!!!!

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