Saturday, 27 August 2011

Big Bloomers

Hello my lovelies...........hope you've all been making the most of this glorious British weather we've been having during the school holidays! We've thoroughly enjoyed ourselves come rain or shine with lots of little trips here and there and our local park has been a saviour on many a bored afternoon, but I think I will save the talk of our jolly's for next time, today is all about the crochet for me. You might have noticed the above picture which is a little sneaky peak of something I've been working on just lately trying to use up a bit of my yarn stash from my granny stripe blanket (which incidently is awaiting a border as soon as I get round to sewing all those darn ends in!!!) I first came across the pattern over at attic24 with the lovely Lucy (you may have heard me mention her before, her blog is fabulous!! and her crochet is divine!!!) Although the original pattern comes from the lovely Jennifer over at Two butterflies blog and I think Lucy just adapted it a wee bit, anyway Lucy's version was the pattern I followed for the aptly named 'big bloomer' cushion.

Here you can see what I did at the back:

Which is basically just working in the round. It makes lovely prettiful stripety circles. I wont bother trying to explain the ins and outs of the pattern to you because you may as well skip along over to attic24 or two butterflies where there are picture-heavy-easy-to-follow instructions already (yay!) all you need to do is arm yourself with hook, yarn, a hot beverage and maybe a nice little something to nibble on in case you get peckish (because we all know that crocheting can work up a healthy, a-hem, appetite). Front ways on however :

Rows and rows of petals to make a big (ish) blooming flower cushion :) I love it, I love the pretty ruffled look of it, how easy and quick it was to make, and how perfect it sits on my sofa all colourful and cheery! It's also nice to have lots of flowery things in your house when you dont have the benefit of a nice private flower filled garden and to be able to snuggle up to said flowery things when your children are asleep and your catching up on some late night tv or surfing the net for some nice pretty things to buy...................................................................................................................................... Like maybe one of these::

Or two in my case! Brittany birch crochet hooks............I can't tell you how many times I've longed for something as pretty as this to work my crochet on and I wasn't disappointed! I do actually feel a wee bit sad for my plain aluminium crochet hook, it served me well over the years and I did feel quite guilty hastily stuffing it in the bottom of my crochet bag replacing it with eye candy! Well guilty for about 10 mins then I couldn't wait any longer to break one out and try them! It's very different to crochet with a new hook at first. I couldn't get used to how long these were compared to my old one and the fact that sometimes my yarn would stick on the hook (maybe thats because I was using an acrylic yarn though instead of a nice cotton or merino or something) anywho, I have to say that they are well worth spending a few pennies on in my oppinion especially if you are going to invest a lot of time in your crochet hobby :)

Well me dears, its time for me to go, I'm on the hunt for a realllllllly nice pattern to transform some lovely King cole riot self striping wool into something yummy! I haven't really found anything to tickle my tastebuds yet though.
Happy holidays,
Love me xxxx