Friday, 15 July 2011

You, Me & Dupree

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bringing on the bling

Whew! The above picture just sums up exactly what kind of hectic-frantic-busy-madness our lives at the frog prince house have become just lately! I only wish I got as many peaceful moments as my little man here does. Because we're in the midst of half packed - half unpacked house, things that need to be sorted and found new homes :) and things that have been found that were forgotten, It's been hard to find time to sit down in peace and quiet and have a good old catch up. I am missing blogland terribly.......I never have been one for keeping up to date with my posts but I do so enjoy reading about what other people have been up to, what treasures they may have made/found/purchased and what adventures might have befallen their families. It's been especially lovely to read about people going away on their jolly's this year, I'm soooooooo longing for a holiday it's become an almost ache inside of me but I dont think that it will happen this year now :( Although on the upside it has been lovely to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and feel the grass between your toes! I find it quite amusing that little man seems to be quite scared of the grass.....he doesn't like to be bear foot on it.........maybe he doesn't like the ticklishness of it but nope, he's not one for grass, so no picnics in the park for us two yet lol. Whilst we've had the lovely sunshine here we've also had some pretty heavy thunderstorms too, I absolutely <3 them, I love the sound of the rain lashing against the window, I love the smell of a storm, the dark purpley blue rain clouds that look like bruises in the sky, I <3 it all and have been busily making a whole host of lovely things that I've been waiting and waiting (somewhat impatiently I might add) to show you all. So, may I bring on the bling and show you my most recent efforts at jewellery making?? ::

Ta dah! ::

I'm calling it my Juliette bracelet..................somehow it just reminds me a little of that story, I think it has something to with the red! Red is my Happy colour, it makes me think of love and of passion and that somehow reminded me of juliette?! Or maybe I just need to start getting out a bit more lol. I love the style of these bracelets though, I'm not usually one for blowing my own trumpet but I think they are really classy.....they remind me a bit of an old school glamour, well that's what I was trying to acheive anyway.

:: I think I realllllllllllllly need someone to show me how to use a camera lol

So, then I got a bit clever, and decided to delve into the world of earrings! You just got to love dangly earrings though! I'm kinda falling in love a little with the crystal/pearl combi too, I have a feeling that soon enough my craft room will be full of them.

The teacup and saucer I used above were part of a set I 'rediscovered' whilst sorting out commenced a few weeks back. They are part of a set my nan gave me when me and Mr R first moved in together........nearly ten years ago now! I have never used the set and would probably try and find it a nice new home through a car boot sale or something but there's a small part of me that just doesn't want to give it away. My nana passed away you see, a few years ago now but she was an important person in my life, someone I visited often and took great advice from, so that small part of me doesn't want to let it go because in a small way it would be like loosing a little bit of that connection with her. It would be great if anyone had any suggestions as to alternative uses for them...........I think that may make an interesting competition for the future lol!
Well, we're back to the bracelets again! This time I went for a classical white combi, kinda reminds me of the kind of jewellery that you would wear to a lovely summer wedding, or with a nice white dress to show off a gorgeous holiday tan (see, the holiday bitterness starting to creep in there?). All the things that have been made are for sale in my etsy shop...........I also opened a folksy shop too............see, I can do it when I set my mind to it!!! So, I'm hoping it wont be too long before they find themselves a loving new home. I was a bit miffed though when it came to deciding on a name for the folksy shop, I was gunning for daisy button again, the same as my etsy shop but it seems I must've made a good impression on someone because that name was already taken haha! So, If you want to look me up my folksy shop name is the littlest button.............I have a feeling this may become confusing later on down the line!

:: It's a good job you dont get to see to much of my far to messy kitchen in these shots lol!

I still have a ton of projects that are on the go and getting ready to show you for next time...........Granny stripe is just waiting for her edging.............and there are a few other little things that I've been working on, but I wont spoil it by telling you now, you will just

hoping you all have a smashing weekend! much love to you all xxxxxx