Saturday, 11 June 2011

Baby Birthdays!

It's certainly been one hell of a year, but Friday 10th June was my little boys very first Birthday..............a whole 1 year old! When did that happen??!! Naturally the Birthday was celebrated in full force::

Lots of squeals and grunts of delight followed the above picture.............I dont think he could actually quite believe he was allowed to rip the paper off something without mummy or daddy getting cross! That must be very confusing for a small person :D of course, each present had to be thoroughly investigated, poked, pushed,pulled and pressed before we could move on to the next one::

He also sampled a bit of the wrapping paper.............mmmm yummy! ::

No Birthday is complete without a nice bit of cake to help the proceedings along (and I must say it was quite yummy) He got very excited when it was time to sing happy birthday and even had a bit of a sing song himself. He seems to enjoy singing and dancing very much for a small person!! But it hasn't all been birthday celebrations, fun and games.......I have actually managed some more serious stuff to since we last spoke! I think I may have mentioned before that I had one or two different projects on the to-do list after granny stripe was completed? Well ta-dah::

This beautiful blue bracelet was made using memory wire and a selection of antiquey beads and findings! I think it would make a lovely gift for a bridesmaid or something like that! It's the first jewellery type thing I've made too..........I must admit to finding it a bit difficult to get the hang of manipulating the wire using pliers, I'm definately going to have to get a bit more practice at that, but I dont think it's bad for a first attempt do you? It's going to be featured in my etsy shop too......I'm hoping it gets a bit of interest!