Sunday, 8 May 2011

Half Term Fun

Hello my lovelies! I've had a reaaaaalllllly busy, busy, busy past few weeks. Lots of crocheting going on, job hunting, and dashing about after the little peeps! My youngest has just mastered the art of climbing stairs so unfortunately I have to have eyes in the back of my head to make sure he doesn't hurt himself! Anyway, I thought I would finally get round to posting the pics of some of our half term adventures on here as I haven't really got anything crochety to show you just yet :)

The above picture is of a lovely place called sewerby hall just near bridlington (the yorkshire coast for those of you who dont know it) we had a lovely time visiting ::

Gorgeous coastal views :: I wouldn't mind seeing this out of my back garden!
In the grounds of the hall there is a smallish zoo/animal type set up which the small people absolutely loved! This cheeky chappy was baby g's favourite::

and the Humbolt penguins were the ginger ninja's favourite! for the most part they were slumped about catching rays of sunshine so we were very pleased when they decided to jump in the pool for a swim to cool off a bit! ::

There were lots of other lovely animals here too all of which produced many squeals of delight and ooohs and ahhhhs from the ginger ninja (and mainly just squeals from baby g lol!). My little man was very happy when daddy took him to play a bit of golf on the putting green ::

and then there were fabulous gardens to explore and enjoy! I can't tell you how amazing it smelt when we walked through the rose garden, even though the roses weren't in bloom yet! ahhhhh, I love flowers!!!
This part of the garden was possibly my favourite::

I loved the greens and the statue in the middle of it all, it was very pretty! It must have been very enjoyable in days gone by to be able to enjoy gardens such as these. I must admit sometimes when I visit these sorts of places (which I do quite often) I often think that I was born into the wrong time! As much as I love my life, I think I may have enjoyed life as a georgian lady or possibly life even earlier than long as I was mistress of the house that is! I cant imagine it was much fun for those not born into wealth and privalege. That really was a great day out! after our time at Sewerby hall we drove the short distance down to Bridlingtons sea front and enjoyed chips and ice creams and a very long stroll along the promenade and harbour!

I'm hoping that next time we speak the granny stripe will be finished and I'll be able to show it off in all its glory! I've also been investigating some other crochet things which I cant wait to share with you in the near future............very exciting!!!

Take care for now my lovelies!!! x