Saturday, 16 April 2011

Crazy For you........

Hello my lovelies! As we have all been enjoying a spot of nice April sunshine just lately here in the uk, I seem to have developed an addiction to all things hangy and pretty, like bunting and garlands and I just neeeeeeeeeeeeed to make!!! It just looks so prettyfull and cheerfull when you see bunting in rooms. The rooms in my house are pretty awfully decorated, imagine if you gave an old person free reign to decorate your house, but instead of looking vintagely cool it just looked..........well the less said the better i think! I remember when we first moved here, I couldn't bear to sit in the front room for too long because it gave me a headache! Patterned walls, patterned curtains, patterned carpet.......yuk! Anyway, back to the bunting, I have been searching the tinterweb for some lovely crochet bunting inspiration :: This one with buttons is one of my favourites!!!

But then to my delight, the bunting or garlands are not restricted to the triangle variety......oh no siree we have lovely pink flowers ::

and hearts ::

Dont you think that the hearts are cool?! The picture below is really how my house should look sort of granny chic ::

Ah well! I have decided that crochet bunting is definately going to be on the 'to do' list after granny stripe is finished. I'm pleased to say that its already looking good, and the yarn, although a budget yarn, has been a dream to work with. So soft and cuddly, it will definately be my yarn of choice from now on until I can afford something a bit more luxe!