Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Is you is or is you aint?

......for want of a better word! Today has been a real mixed bag for me. On the one hand we've had the most glorious sunshine that just makes your heart skip-happy, the kind of weather that puts a genuine smile on your face, just because! On the other hand we've had a bit of serious news to process........we only have a short time until we have to make massive alterations to or lives, by this I mean that we will no longer live or work at our lovely pub under our current boss so we're a bit uncertain as to what the future holds. Its a lot of stress having to find a new place to live and a new job, especially in a time where jobs are few and far between. Its kind of feels like we've been given a blank canvas. In the meantime we've also come under immense pressure from those above us who seem to be piling a huge lot of blame unfairly on our shoulders and so have become increasingly dissatisfied about everything that we've done or doing!!!

::It is times of uncertainty like these that i'm glad we have our family around us to ease the burden a little. I mean who could possibly feel sad when you are greeted with a beaming cheeky smile from a nine month old child..............utterly impossible to resist............

:: Back to things that make me happy, we have a new shop that has just this very day opened in our village stocked to the rafters with lovely market fresh fruit and veg and flowers, so it was absolutely necessary to buy flowers and strawberries to brighten up my day, and brighten up my day they certainly did! I must take some pictures for you all! I'm afraid this post isn't going to be pictury at all, just me rambling on about the ups and downs and the why to's and where for's. I know you will forgive me just this once eh?! My granny stripe (as mentioned in the last post) is coming along beautifully.I love all the colours and it got a big thumbs up for my mum when she visited at the weekend so I know I must be on to a winner. I already have a few cheeky projects in the pipe line too for when granny stripe is finished. I'm already having to stop my self from trying to take on about five projects all at the same time lol. It's sooooo hard though when you have a really really good idea and you feel like you HAVE to try it out right away, this instant. Oh well, they do say good things come to those who wait so I'm in no hurry lol.

On that note I will get off, I've got to practise my best quiz reading voice you know! xxxxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello my lovelies! Today I am a very happy bunny :) My life seems to have come to a point now where I'm seriously enjoying everything.......I love,love, love being a mummy to my two gorgeous boys :: I'm loving getting back into my crafting groove too! Ahhhhhhhh contentment!!! Look, I'm that happy I've even choosen nice cheery blue to type in instead of the usual frog prince green :)

So, you may have come across this blog before, the fabulous lucy from attic 24 its one of my favourite blogs to read and I love all the crafty things Lucy makes. So my newest crafty creation has taken heavy inspiration from this blog, and I decided to try out 'The granny Stripe' blanket.....and I must say I'm pretty chuffed with how its turning out already!

:: As you can see, baby g was trying to sneak into this picture! He's 8 months old now, I just don't know where the time has gone!!! Well, back to blanket stuff, this pattern is oh-so-easy perfect for the busy crafty mum as there are no fiddly patterns that demand your absolute concerntration, you can literally whizz through the rows in no time and it doesn't matter if you have to put it away unexpectedly because you can just pick it straight back up again from where you left off. Definately MY kind of blanket!

There are 17 scrummy colours in looks so happy and stripey I love it! I wish I had started it sooner as I've been umming and arring for a while and considering whether it would be right to have a go at what seems like someone elses hard work but I'm glad I finally did after all.

Stripes away!!!!!