Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hey just a quickie post to have a little catch up! I have been that busy I dont know whether I'm coming or going just recently :)
I suppose thats the downside to running a pub...........there's never quite enough time left to spend on yourself, especially this time of year! Thank-fully everything went quite smoothly this year, despite the bad weather and a good Christmas and New Year was had by all (I think). Santa visited and left some lovely presents, including a new tv :), yep, I know what your thinking, I must have been a veeeerrrrry good girl this year!!!!

Can't wait to hit those sales!!!! (even if I havent beaten the vat hike, I'm sure there's still some bargins to be had) Amazon is definately going to be on the hitlist!!

OOOOOOOh what else did I have to tell you?? I have started reading a new book this week, and I absolutely love it already, its pretty heavy going..........but worth the read called the secret history of the world by jonathan black, I wont spoil the book, but if your a fan of book's like Dan Brown's Da Vinci code and lost symbol, then you may find this read interesting and quite insightful :)

Well, I have to be going now but I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and best wishes for 2011 xxx