Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brrrr...........we seem to be having some lovely snowy weather rather early this year! Well I can say lovely because it hasn't been so harsh or disruptive where I live, the most put out that I've been is having to take extra care when driving and having to allow a little extra time to get things done! However that being said, it is forecast to only get worse so maybe our turn is yet to come! I'm sparing a thought for those who live in Scotland and Northumberland!!

My little man came home from school yesterday requesting that I knit him a nice hat and scarf so he can wrap up warm in this kind of weather, so I've been surfing the net for some nice patterns. I have also been asked to make my aunt a medieval hat for her christmas works party, apparently if they dont dress up they get put in the stocks so she thinks a hat and some jewellery will do the trick...............lets hope so for her sake! I already have a good idea of what I'm going to be doing, for anyone undertaking any similar projects I can recomend the website fantasylandcostumeco.com for some great ideas

This is the look I'm going to try and recreate for her, with a bit of added bling Hopefully she will love it! lol, and maybe if I have the time I can add a bit of jewellery to the look.........I love

I thought they were really sweet and I'm chuffed to say that not long after I listed them on etsy I sold a pair!!! I've only got one pair left so if you like them hop on over to etsy and snap them up, if anything they make a great stocking filler!! :) I haven't even started to think about my christmas shopping yet, I guess I'm always going to be a last minute kinda gal. What with two small people to think about now I probably really should get on the job huh?

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