Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brrrr...........we seem to be having some lovely snowy weather rather early this year! Well I can say lovely because it hasn't been so harsh or disruptive where I live, the most put out that I've been is having to take extra care when driving and having to allow a little extra time to get things done! However that being said, it is forecast to only get worse so maybe our turn is yet to come! I'm sparing a thought for those who live in Scotland and Northumberland!!

My little man came home from school yesterday requesting that I knit him a nice hat and scarf so he can wrap up warm in this kind of weather, so I've been surfing the net for some nice patterns. I have also been asked to make my aunt a medieval hat for her christmas works party, apparently if they dont dress up they get put in the stocks so she thinks a hat and some jewellery will do the trick...............lets hope so for her sake! I already have a good idea of what I'm going to be doing, for anyone undertaking any similar projects I can recomend the website fantasylandcostumeco.com for some great ideas

This is the look I'm going to try and recreate for her, with a bit of added bling Hopefully she will love it! lol, and maybe if I have the time I can add a bit of jewellery to the look.........I love

I thought they were really sweet and I'm chuffed to say that not long after I listed them on etsy I sold a pair!!! I've only got one pair left so if you like them hop on over to etsy and snap them up, if anything they make a great stocking filler!! :) I haven't even started to think about my christmas shopping yet, I guess I'm always going to be a last minute kinda gal. What with two small people to think about now I probably really should get on the job huh?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hrmph! It seems like forever since I have been to blogland, and I've missed my little blog! Everything has been busy, busy, busy just lately and sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and catch my breath! Well, first off did you all enjoy the halloween festivities? At work we always have a halloween themed party and this year was no exception, we managed to pull it off with the help of family who came to stay and helped out with the boys........

This year we had the bonus of having this gianormous pumpkin:

It was grown by one of our locals, along with the other pumpkins you can see and weighed in at a whopping 10stone 4lbs! (yes, we did a 'guess the weight' competition) Now, I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin I must admit but they are a great way of entertaining your children, The big pumpking wasn't hollowed out, in fact he went back to his owner I'm not sure whether he has scooped out the seeds and dried them out ready for next year or if he let the pumpkin decompose naturally on his compost heap in the hope that it would plant out...........who knows, not being one of these green fingered types I wouldn't have a clue! I have however been promised more pumpkins for next year! :) you can't say fairer than that can you?

I'm just in the middle of a big debate with myself whether I should start a bit of christmas crafting or not to bother, I know most of you will probably have started way back in September, but do you think it's too late now? I reckon I could rustle up a few bits and bobs in time for the big guy's visit lol! Last year I didn't have the chance and I always regret not making things, the trouble is I start out with all these good intentions only to find I dont really have the time to commit to any major projects...........my life at the moment is all work and absolutely no play :( It's hard enough but now with little one to entertain it seems virtually impossible. I need a bit of organisation and routine in my life, maybe that should be one of my new years resolutions hey?! I have managed a little bit of crafting though so I will try and pop back to blogland when I have a spare 5 mins (laughs) and show you the pics

'Till next time then! xx