Friday, 1 October 2010


Hello my lovelies! I thought I'd take a break from this miserable weather we've been having lately to sit down and have a chit chat, because it has been a while hasn't it? My crochet WIP has been put on hold for a little while...........I seem to have run out of wool and am having problems logging into the website where I originally ordered my stash from, its becoming slightly frustrating! lol! I thought you might like to take a peek though..............don't you?

Apologies for the wierd angle of this photo.............I have recently bought a new camera as our old one broke down a couple of weeks back. This is shaping up to be another cushion cover, I'm tempted to use an old woolen jumper that has been felted for the back........what do you think?

I really wanted the colours to stand out!

I'm quite pleased with how this one's turning out :) I'm a self taught crochet maniac and I always panic that I'm doing things the wrong way.........for instance, I've noticed in a lot of books that your supposed to crochet anti-clockwise, whereas I go clockwise........I've tried to go the other way, really I have but everything seems to get in a muddle and before I know it I'm completely lost in my pattern. Do you think it makes a difference to your work? I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the fact that I'm a leftie too so maybe my brain just adopts a bizarre back-to-front way of doing these things lol.

I had my first parents evening today :) and I'm pleased to report that my little boy seems to be settling into school very well, although he does seem to have inherited my incredible shyness his teacher has said he has progressed really well in a short space of time! One very proud mummy!! My other little monkey seems to be growing up all too fast already! He is now a whole four months old and his new favourite game is feet grabbing and trying to get them into his mouth! I love to watch him at play :: it's amazing how much joy you can get out of life's simple pleasures!

Well, I think I will sign off now and try and catch up with a little housework *grimace* I find it difficult to keep up with these things nowadays lol! xx