Thursday, 16 September 2010

Coffee & Cupcakes

So, recently I have had to go back to work! I'm NOT impressed, I think a woman should be able to enjoy maternity leave, not forced into a position where you have to come back to work less than two months after having your baby. Anyway, the less said about that the better, I now get to spend most of my time in a kitchen, instead of having lovely cuddles with my baby! I have been meaning to take some pics to show you guys some of my culinary delights, but its all been a bit crazy so far. Needless to say, I hope at least one day my cupcakes will turn out as gorgeous as the one in the pic above, that may compensate just a tiny weeny bit for this.

I have another crochet cushion wip its going to be quite pretty when its finished I reckon! provided I can get it finished lol........I'm intending to post some pics as soon as its done and get it up here, at the moment I'm using my crochet to take me to my happy place :) it seems to be doing quite well so far!
So, cheerio pips, I'm off to enjoy a coffee and a slice of cherry and almond cake (perk of the job!) sit back and relax!