Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hello my lovelies! I thought I'd make the most of 'sleepy' time and stop by for a quick chat. You may remember in my last post I confessed my recent addictions? Well they're still going strong......I'm a good way into the third installment of twilight, and I've also developed a rather bad coffee habit to compliment my reading..........not so good when your trying to snatch a couple of hours shut eye in between night time feeds (which really I should be trying to do now) but I'm coping! I have also made a little headway with my crochet........

Ta da ::

do you like it? Its certainly brought a little sunshine into my house! It's been sitting nice and happy on my little sofa for a couple of days now, very snuggly soft! It takes a huge effort for me not to bury my face in it every time I sit down, normally I'm a very tactile sort of person and try to sneak touchy-feely types of things into my house without my little people suspecting.........touchy-feely just doesnt have the same effect when its been mauled by a four year old or sicked on by a 2 month old baby *sigh* but I forgive them, I can't bring myself to tell them the kind of discipliney things my parents barked at me when I was young "you look with your eyes, not your hands" was very popular in my household back then, but it's oh so much more fun and interesting if you can touch first and then look with your eyes dont you think? Anyway, I digress, back to the cushion, yes it is lovely, touchy-feely and snuggly becuase its made from cotton. Then there's the colours, birght happy and rainbowy perfect for bringing a little love into yor home it reminds me of summer gardens in full bloom! I made both sides different, partly because I thought it would just look nicer and partly because if you got bored with one side ( as I do so very often!) you could just flip it over and wowzers, there's a whole new look right there! I thought you might like just one more little peek before we say goodbye::

Isn't she lovely? xx

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