Sunday, 11 July 2010

4 short weeks

Phew, well I've had a busy jam packed few weeks! Everything has been thrown into chaos and disorder now I've got another little person to think about, even the school run has had to be re-thought and re-organised, I think I had quite forgotten how much time and energy little people take up. I'm sure in another couple of months though my life will be run with the kind of military operation only a mum can appreciate, at the moment strategies are being drawn up and revised on a daily basis! So many appointments, doctors, hospitals, midwives health visitors, I dont know whether i'm coming or going. However, amidst the chaos I have found time in the four short weeks since the birth of little baby G to get some serious hooky time - and I have LOVED every minute! I'm feeling particularly excited because I have actually nearly finished my first big crochet project, I mean I've often embarked on lots of little things, but this is the beginning of the BIG STUFF!

So, wanna know what I've been getting up to? do ya? well, remember blankie? my big plans for the picnic blanket for me and the ginger bread boy? It's oh-so-nearly ready! Shall we take a sneaky peak?

mmmm, delicious, obscenly bright granny squares waiting to be sewn together.........

often mixed with lots of coffee breaks, and the eye candy of magazine variety - I just cant seem to pass a magazine by these days without getting a serious case of the wanties, and then I just HAVE to have it, its an odd sort of addiction! just one on a loooooong list of odd things that I like!!

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