Friday, 21 May 2010

No photo's make for a pretty unexciting blog :(

Hey ho world! Still just about here :) can you hear that?? What's that you say, no? Me neither! It's the delicious sound of peace and quiet the only noises around me are the birds twittering and the ocassional hum of the fan as it's doing it's level best to help cool me down. Little man has been taken to school by his grandad, who has had to virtually move in with me over the past couple of weeks because of some complications I've had in my pregnancy! Dad's are sometimes very special people and daughter's are sometimes very lucky to have them!

I have been making small progress on the blankie, it's been a bit difficult to fit it in with nasty hospital stays and the like intruding! However, I have been able to do a little, a very small amount, which has pleased me as I am now confined to spending most of my days either in the living room or in bed! It's sometimes a very tedious existance doing nothing. The only thing that is frustrating is that I can't upload any photo's on to here yet to share my work and my world, which in all honesty doesn't make for a very exciting blog! Not for you guys anyway!! Here's hoping that when my other little man finally arrives I will have fully functioning camera status and be able to show him off to you guys in that proud mothery kind of way! I'm assured by the doctors that it wont be very long now anyway, and there is only 2 weeks left until my actual due date so I'm optimistically keeping my fingers crossed that its going to be some time soon :)

Here's hoping that we keep in touch soon,
enjoy these sunny - shiney days, xx