Thursday, 25 March 2010

Helllooo and greetings from my little froggy world! I've finally found a little time to sit down and tell you whats been happening of late. Crafting of any sort has well and truly gone out of the window (yet again!) just lately, following an immense spell of bad luck which seems to be following me about like an unwelcome raincloud just lately! My boiler has lately broken down so there's no hot water (without boiling some) and for some strange reason the heating is constantly on downstairs although the thermostat is switched off and the boiler is switched on to hot water only!? This has been making life pretty difficult here as you can only imagine! I have now only 9 weeks left until the baby arrives so things in that department are difficult for me at the moment too, I have now truly given up on wearing socks of any sort and can only be thankful its been warm and dry enough here to get away with wearing more summery footwear!

I have been working super-duper extra hard at work, so today's little respite has been more than welcome! I've celebrated by eagerly thumbing through my copy of country living and drinking lots of coffee :)

There are lots of pictures this month of flowery and painterly goodness!

also a section about baking your own bread, which if i'm honest I really like to do when I have time (and hot water):

lots of spring-timey goodness to cheer you up, and believe me it has. I may even be inspired to dust down my crochet hook and get some more squares made for this blanket (yes, I know its been like a year since I started the damn thing) it just goes to show how much of my life my job seems to consume. I am determined that when on maternity leave I will devote at least a very little of the 9 months to crafting :) --------> ooooooooooh I just cant wait!!!!!