Friday, 15 January 2010

Halfway there!

Hello my dearies!
Nothing much of interest has been happening in the frog prince household for a very long time, except endless visits to the hospital and poorliness...........but you dont want to hear about that do you?!

On to more exciting times, the bump is getting REALLY big now, even though I'm only half way through..........during my illness I have been scouring through all my lovely japanese craft books to see what baby delights I could whip up (well, assuming my sewing gets a little better of course lol) but I've decided to wait until we know what sex the little mite is going to be (yes, I'm afraid I'm one of THOSE people who just cant keep it a suprise!). If anybody knows of any nice linkies to baby crafts I would be extremely grateful and love you forever if you would share them with me ;)

I'm also writing this post on my christmas present, yes, a much needed treat a new lap top :) one that actually doesn't shut down after you've been on it an hour and one that has all the keys on the keyboard and not missing bits! and, perhaps my favourite bit, one where I can listen to a whole cd while I work and play on here :) Jane Austen and Harry Potter have been sorely missed!!!

Hopefully by next time I will have found all the software to enable me to upload my camera pictures onto here ;) well, hopefully! I think you know me well enough by now to see that I seem to have perfected the art of procrastination lol. Then you can see the progress that I have been making with all my grannie squares! (I'll give you a little hint, they're starting to resemble something much more snuggly and blanket like now)

Take care then my lovelies,
until next time xxx