Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Jolly holidays

Hello, its me! what's that? you don't remember?.............aah, yes it has been a long time but surely you've not forgotten?

..................There, see, I knew you would remember in the end! Yes, I'm the girl who sometimes posts on here :) hopefully things you enjoy reading about and sometimes if your very lucky something that I've made ;)

I'm all excited this week because I'm planning my jolly's with the boy. So, this week I've been looking at some rather pretty places on here I'm thinking maybe somewhere along the cornish coast then we can have lovely cornish ice cream yum! So If anybody out there is from that part of town, I would dearly lovel to hear your recommendations on places to stay/ visit/ craft shops etc! that would be super! :)

I shall have to start my bikini diet this week :( lol


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