Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Curious Case...........

......of the missing crochet hook! Yes, it seems that we have 'Borrowers' living in our house at the minute. Production of my crochet blankets has today abruptly come to a halt as not one, but two crochet hooks appear to have gone missing without trace. Those of you who have read my blog before will know that I'm not the most capable crafter when it comes to finishing my craft projects, I start them, yes but mainly they get put aside and relegated to the murky depths of my craft cupboards in the land of spare 'oom! This was going to be something different however, I could feel it in my toes.... I enjoy getting lost in a world of hooky goodness, curling up on the sofa and being surround with scrummy balls of wool.......aahhh! I'm missing it already :(

So, this weekend there will be no crochet goodness from me until I find those dratted hooks. I thought that maybe I had just misplaced them and sooner or later they would emerge, a little dusty perhaps but still in one piece, however, I'm now seriously considering the 'borrowers' theory :: Little things seem to have been misplaced recently, odds and sods that you really wouldn't notice had gone unless you actually needed them for a specific I come to think of a whole host of things have been missing around the house for a while, normally the small person shoulders the blame for this because usually when you ask him where said item is he will gleefully speed off to retreive it for you. Thinking about it this week I've manged to loose a square baking tin (perfect for making homely dishes such as toad in the hole) a whole 12 pack of crisps (prawn cocktail flavour to be precise) about 3 pairs of scissors, the upholstry tool from my hoover and now my 2 crochet hooks! It would seem that I am becoming a bit senile in my old age!

Oh but to imagine if there really where such creatures as borrowers this would explain so many of life's little mysteries. I'm sure you have all had a similar experience where things have strangley gone missing from your home never to found again? I wonder what they would do with all these things, I wonder if beneath our floorboards there is a wealth of lost treasures.............waiting for some future historian to find them?

Hmmmm, maybe I should set a trap and see if I can catch one of these little creatures out!

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Vixanne said...

oooo! We have the same thing at our house, but our small person swears it's pixies! Never owns up even when caught red handed. First time to your blog, lovely things, especially liked the little prince costume :)