Saturday, 13 June 2009

And the beat goes on............

So, for me, this week seems to have been one endless nightmare!
My child seems to be running some kind of personal hate campaign against me, really he does! So this week has been filled with endless tantrums, tears, and naughtyness and I have felt like I'm really struggling to maintain control.

Friday Morning I felt like I needed a bit of me time, a bit of a pampering and de-stress so I booked an appointment with my local salon to have some acrylic nail extensions and some false lashes applied............The nails are fab until this morning when I snapped half of my thumb nail off trying to put little man's shoe on. The lashes are hideous on one side and amazing the other, gawd knows how that worked out but I'm not very impressed and needless to say I wont be having those done there again!

But the icing on the cake had to be yesterday tea time/ evening when I had pootled off to tesco to do my weekly shop, I thought I would quickly nip in the petrol station on the way in as it was fairly quiet, now actually i'm really glad that I did because my debit card wouldn't work at the pump or in the cash machine, and as it turns out someone has so very nicely forged my card details and been helping themselves to a whole host of goodies using my account. Its left me feeling quite downhearted and a bit put out because now to access any cash from my account I have to go to my local branch which is 10 miles or so away. Grrrrrrrrrrr

So now I feel, that instead of my blog being a place to share my crafty musings with you all its quickly becoming a place where I rant on and on like some crazed lady!

Hopefully my week next week will get a whole lot better :)

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