Saturday, 16 May 2009

New Reads!

I have been very excited this week as my long awaited books ordered from amazon finally arrived! My job may not allow me much spare time for crafting but I can certainly get away with reading on the job (and most days do!). So, without keeping you in suspense here's what the lovely postman brought yesterday:

This book is absolutely delicious and features lots of recipes for creating crochet blocks in all shapes and sizes (some you wouldn't even have imagined) which just goes to show there's always a way of fitting a little hooky goodness into each corner of your world. The projects in this book are really easy to follow and it has lots of yummy photo's in (I wont spoil the suprise by showing them here, just in case you are going to go buy the book). Money very well spent I feel!

This book I thought would be kind of the same, jam packed with lots of funky takes on the granny square that would just make you start itching to get your hook a-hooking. Alas, this is definately NOT the case, I was highly disappointed. The funkiest project in this book has to be the shawl which you can see part of on the cover. I felt a little robbed of my hard earned pennies to say the least when this finally arrived. Not only are the projects, well, granny-ish but the choices of yarn and colour combinations are 'original' to say the least!

Needless to say I know which one my future crochet porjects will use ahem,

take care xx

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